Задание 16.33. Переведите на английский язык

Письмо написано студентом.

Ремонт производится рабочими.

Нас встретили на станции.

Об этой книге будут много говорить.

Салат уже готов. Вашингтон расположен на реке Потомак.

Деревья были посажены прошлой осенью.

Его доклад был выслушан с интересом.

Все письма будут написаны завтра к двенадцати часам.

Дом будет построен к концу следующего года.

Цветы были пересажены позавчера.

Доклад будет готов через две недели.

Задание 16.35 Переведите следующие предложения в Active Voice. Введите любые подходящие подлежащие.

1 .Invitations have been sent to all te old pupils to be present at the school’s thirtieth anniversary. 2. All the pressengers in the bus were listening to the story of the boy who had been saved from drowning by the boy who had been saved from drowning by the quickness of the driver. 3. The work was finished in time. 4. The child is talken care of. 5. This book must be read by every student. 6. This film can be seen at our cinema. 7. Spartan children were taught by their parents to endure all hardships. 8. Which article was translated by your brother? 9. They were being taught drawning at that lesson. 10. This name was seldom mentioned in his novels. 11. I am often told about it. 12. This man has been much spoken of. 13. When was it done? 14. What museums were visited last year?

Задание 16.36 Раскройте скобки употребив необходимую временную форму в Active или Passive voice. Переведите на русский язык.

Dear Vince,

How are you? We’ve been having a wonderful time. We (to look afer) by our hosts. They ( to take) us sighsteeing and ( to make) us feel very welcome. Two days ago we (to show) round a castle. The keeper told us that the castle ( to build) in the 12th century and ( to rebuild) in the 17th. We asked him if the castle(to suffer) any damage during the war. He told us the bombs ( to miss) it, but then it ( to catch) fire. When they (to restore) the building, central heating and things like that ( to add). The castle was quite impressive outside, but the inside was a little disappointing. The keeper explained it ( to redecorated) in the 19th century and not quite succesfully. He also said that there ( to be) some plans about future redecorating. We asked what it ( to be) like and he told us how rooms ( to refurnish) and perhaps ( to replan) if the owner ( to manage) to collect the money. Then the keeper told us a lot of funny stories. He said in some rooms of the castle a ghost ( to see) some years age. A lot of visitors ( to be) frightened.

I’ll tell you more when we get back. Take care

See you soon,