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Alcohol– is a colourless liquid that is found in drinks such as beer, wine and whisky. It is also used in products such as perfumes and cleaning fluids.

Strict control of alcohol nowadays mandatory, insofar (оскільки) that some governments have issued powers (тут: підрозділи) to take an alcohol test. If it is found in excess, the vessel may be detained.

Narcoticsare drugs such as opium or heroin which make you sleepy and stop you feeling pain.

The possession or consumption of alcohol, including beer, is not permittedon board ship. Narcotics, except for medical use, are prohibited. If medicine containing narcotics had been prescribed for .you, notify the Master.

Drugs and alcohol can seriously impair the safety of your ship and the crew. Because of the nature of our industry, shipping is the target for drug smugglers. Drugs found on board by customs or police authorities will lead to enormous problems for the Master, the crew, and the ship owners.

How you can help:

• Keep to the policy

• Follow your company's drug and alcohol policy

• Prevent narcotics

• Inform your crew that you intend to do all that is within your power to prevent drugs from coming on board your ship.

Smoking. The times and places where smoking is permitted aboard ship are regulated, for reason of safety, fire prevention, personal health and comfort. The regulations to smoking aboard each ship will be listed hi the ship handbook and posted aboard ship, In general, smoking is allowed on open(weather) decks arid in some other areas where it is specifically permitted, and banned in all other locations including lavatories. By law, smoking is never allowed while the ship is fueling or loading explosives.

3. Дайте відповіді на запитання.

1. In which products is alcohol used?

2. What might be if alcohol is found in excess oh board?

3. What should you do if medicine containing narcotics had been prescribed for you?

4. When smoking is never allowed by law?

5. Where smoking is allowed?

6. For what reason the places for smoking are regulated?

Складіть словосполучення.

1. colourless a) smuggler

2. strict b) fluid

3. сleaning c) aboard

4. alcohol d) deck

5. drug e) test

6. police f) liquid

7. open g) control

8. fire h) prevention
9. smoking i) authorities

Доповніть речення.

1 .Narcotics are drugs such as______________________________________________.

2. The possession or consumption of alcohol is ________________________________.

3. Shipping is the target for________________________________________________.

4. Smoking is allowed on_________________________________________________.

5. Smoking is never allowed while__________________________________________.